Holy Water

Holy Water


Every drop of Harriet’s Holy Water is created according to the ancient laws of hermetic magic and blessed in alliance with the goddesses of compassion. The result: Each bottle vibrates with the power and love of exalted spirit. Scented with rejuvenating notes of fresh rose, this magical elixir can be liberally sprayed on the face and body to cleanse the aura, mixed with cleaning products to purify floors and surfaces and bless your space, applied to cuts and scrapes for accelerated healing and added to your spiritual bath for a heightened experience. As it flows through realities, water is a universal symbol of the divine feminine, love and receptiveness. Holy water has been used for centuries in many societies to lift stagnant or negative energy and cleanse auras, and with magical origin roots and fortifying nature it’s potency is as rich as it’s hue is clear. 


  • Made with magic and 100% pure white light 🖤

  • Organic Roses 

  • Rosa Centifolia 

  • Flower Extract 

  • Glycerin 

  • Spring Water 

  • Quartz 

  • Prayer & Intention 

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