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How To Read Tarot Cards:
An 8-Week Series with Harriet

Tuesdays 6- 9PM
OcT 2nd - NOV 20TH.

$320 - 370



6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

This class requires an 8 week commitment. Payment plans are available if needed - give us a call: 323-745-0495.

In this 8 week series, Harriet - in her fun, nurturing and comprehensive way - will teach you how to successfully read Tarot cards. Not only does she break down the fundamentals from nuts to bolts, but Harriet allows you to unlock your own clairvoyance when studying the cards and trust yourself in making interpretations while using both common sense and cosmic consciousness.

Learn how to read for friends, family, clients, and most importantly learn how the optical language of Tarot symbolizes our world without and within. An interior transformation occurs during the course of this 8 weeks as students learn the cycles of life and gain insight into their own psyche and emotions through the powerful archetypes illustrated in the deck.

This class is part lecture and part practical application so that students will be both absorbing, and actually reading tarot throughout. Beginners are welcome and encouraged, as well as seasoned readers who desire a different perspective. Previous students have gone on to read tarot professionally, immediately following this course.

What to bring: Pen and Paper, Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (available at all Liberate locations).

COST: Early Bird: $320 (By September 30th),
Late Registration: $370

Payment Plans available. Give us a call: 323-745-0495.


Star Guided Meditation

Every saturday 6pm




6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

This is a group healing and magical ceremony that Harriet offers weekly with the intention of showering love onto ourselves and the world. Each week Harriet channels a theme from her angels and guides and allows her students to safely enter a deeply relaxing meditative state.

Using ancient hermetic ritual, Harriet opens sacred space and guides the class through a full body relaxation using music, holy breath work and guided visualization which is followed by an extended period of silence, where she goes around the room and offers reiki to those who are willing. People will leave the temple each week with a grateful heart, an increased ability to live in the present moment, and an expanded sense of compassion, gratitude, and love. Students are grounded and centered at the end of class to begin their week renewed and revitalized.