Cleansing and Protection: April 29th 6pm-9pm

Cleansing and Protection: April 29th 6pm-9pm


Every day, whether we realize it or not, we are impacted by influences ranging from the subtle to the extreme. Learning about and in turn, protecting your energy is something potentially paramount to maintaining your spiritual, mental and physical health. This class will benefit anyone who is sensitive to the influences of the outside world, better equipping you with the tools and practices that allow you to shine brighter, while remaining safe from outside interference. In this workshop, we will explore the practice of spiritually cleansing and banishing negative or incorrect energies in and around you. In this three-hour course, we will explore how to safely, effectively return all negative energies that are in discordance with our highest good back to whence they came, with justice and harm to no one.

 In this class we will discuss: 

  • Identifying incorrect energy 

  • Signs of psychic attack

  • When and how often to cleanse

  • Spirit guides + Angelic Protection 

  • Returning incorrect energy back with love

  • Psychic protection

  • Smudging

  • House protection

  • Lightwork 

  • Creating sacred space

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