Spellwork: April 30th 6-9pm

Spellwork: April 30th 6-9pm


Spell work has been used for 1000s of years in order to influence and manipulate energy in order to create the most optimal outcomes. Whether you are a beginner or looking to deepen your already thriving spiritual practice, this class teaches the basics of how to design your own spell and how to find your own innate power within in order to implement it. Students will learn how to become a channel of energy with all the tools in front of them on the table in order to immaculately manifest in the name of the divine. It should be known that Harriet works only in 100% pure white light frequency and only participates and designs spells with harm to no one (that means no hexes, curses, jinxes, or negative energy allowed!) This 3-hour class is an introduction to the Great Work and is part lecture, part practical application where each student will have a spell of their very own to take home at the end of class. 

Topics Include:

  • Brief History of Spells and Witchcraft 

  • Optimal times for Spell work

  • Raising your Vibration

  • How to Open and Close sacred space

  • Calling the 4 directions

  • Elemental Magick

  • Casting a Circle

  • Creating an Altar

  • Herbs and Flowers

  • Crystals and Talismans

  • Attraction and Banishing

  • Love and Money

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