Star Guided Meditation: Sundays 11:30am

Star Guided Meditation: Sundays 11:30am


This is a group healing and magical ceremony that Harriet offers weekly with the intention of showering love onto ourselves and the world. Each week Harriet channels a theme from her angels and guides and allows her students to safely enter a deeply relaxing meditative state.

Using ancient hermetic ritual, Harriet opens sacred space and guides the class through a full body relaxation using music, holy breath work and guided visualization which is followed by an extended period of silence, where she goes around the room and offers reiki to those who are willing. People will leave the temple each week with a grateful heart, an increased ability to live in the present moment, and an expanded sense of compassion, gratitude, and love. Students are grounded and centered at the end of class to begin their week renewed and revitalized.


459 1/2 N Fairfax

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