Summer Solstice Ritual

Cheryl Tiegs 1965

Cheryl Tiegs 1965

Sun worship is the way of the ancients. In almost all cultures the erection of stone temples, pyramids or monuments miraculously still stand today after hundreds of thousands of years and were believed to enhance the power of the sun. 

There are theories that ancient civilizations of Egypt used different spheres of their brains and were extremely enlightened people developing unfathomable technology and even electricity that Egyptologists have renounced as impossibility probably because of ego or patriarchal doctrine. There is evidence that people of Egypt lived as their “solar self.” The sun was the giver of life and through religious ritual, working with vibrations and zodiacal associations they were able to mimic the Suns power within themselves and give life to incredible manifestations. We have an inner sun within us and we carry it's radiance always. This is our solar plexus or the area between the ribs above the navel. This is the place of sovereignty which feuls our passions by connecting us with the greater sun above. The Sun symbolizes the transformation of the soul. 

The solstice is a time of year when it is believed that the veils are thin, in autumn around Halloween the veil between the living and dead is thin as the halt of winter approaches, and in midsummer, the veil between human and fairy realms diminishes and the elementals come out to play. Fairies are known for having trickster energy and many can feel that things can be ass backwards so be careful of accidents, tripping and falling, or strange unexplained annoyances. The Fairies are not ones we should fear though, I believe that we as a society have denied the existence of such creatures for so long, that it makes sense that they would make their presence known by tricking us and having a laugh. Have a sense of humor! Now, if you don’t believe in little little spritely fairies with shimmering wings it doesn’t matter, but to the initiate of the Inner Way, the energy that surrounds nature beckoning it to grow should be undeniable.

Ritual during the summer solstice should be simple and there are two traditional elements used: Fire and Flowers. Fire symbolizes the sun which on this day is at its zenith-Fire burns it cleanses and protects us from unwanted energy, and the flowers are a sign of god’s grace and the prized beauty of the fairy realms. 

Whether you choose to do this alone or with your coven of trusted friends and neighbors, this is a time to call the four directions, light a flame and feel connected to spirit without and within. 

For this Ritual you will need:

5 crystals or stones


A Candle or Fire


To begin build your altar by placing 4 stones at the cardinal points of north east south and west and a larger more attractive stone in the middle symbolizing the Shining One and the Callanish Stones in Scotland which are aligned to the sunrise and sunset at Solstice. Once your stones are set call in the four directions however you wish: here are my suggestions. 

Stand facing east and say aloud: Hail to the powers of the east and the place of the rising sun. I call forth the winged ones, the eagle and hawk. I call forth Archangel Raphael, Thoth, Hermes, Tiranus and Nüt.  I honor you and Thank you for coming into this working

Turn south and exclaim aloud: Hail to the powers of the south where the sun is at its zenith. I call forth Archangel Michael, Sekhmet, Brigid and all who work with the fires of life. I call forth leopard and puma give passion to my every deed. I honor you and I thank you for coming into this working

Face West and say: Hail to the powers of the west. I call forth the water elementals: the mermaids and the undines. I call forth Archangel Gabriel, Mother Yemaya, Oshun, Quan Yin, Mary and all the goddesses of compassion please come into this circle so that I may know kindness and mercy. I call forth Mother Whale, and Bear bringer of dreams. I honor you and I thank you for coming into this working. 

Face North and say: Hail to the powers of the north! I call forth the ancestors and the keepers of wisdom. I call forth Archangel Uriel, Hanuman, Pachamama, Chief Seattle, White Buffalo Woman. I ask that you come into this circle with gratitude for your warmth and wisdom and nourishment of life. I honor you and I thank you for coming into this working. 

A simpler method that is just as effective for opening sacred space is saying and percieving: Love before me, love behind me, love to my left, love to my right, love above me love below me love within me. 

Now you may sit around this circle with your group giving each person a flower, or if you are a solitary Witch, sit alone and hold an armful of flowers and contemplate and share aloud what you would like to project out into the world. During this masculine time of year, when the earth is penetrated by sun causing growth how can you invoke its power? Traditionally you would light a bonfire and throw in your flower, but because many of you live in urban settings where bonfires are illegal or dangerous, you may light a candle before you. Remember the symbolism in lighting your candle. Place the match in your right hand (masculine/active side), and the striking surface in your left (feminine/receptive side.) Bring both together and create the divine spark (life!) Light your candle and exclaim aloud “AND SO IT IS!” This affirms that your magical working is sent up to the heavens and you release it to spirit. 

Stare into your flame and percieve its majesty and glow. You may meditate here and feel the trillions of shining rays of the sun glowing out from your solar plexus and permeating the earth. 

When you feel complete arrange your flowers within your stone circle and let your candle burn down until it self extinguishes. During this time eat drink and be merry.


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