Full Moon Imbolc Ritual


Sometimes the ache of your heart is so deep. When sadness feels like pressure on your skin and tears build around your forehead and eyes ready to pour out at any minute. This is the kind of sadness that is of mind, body and soul because it is deep seeded in your DNA and past lives. It comes up mostly when you doubt or blame yourself during times of growth.

Sometimes I have moments where I think, by marketing myself am I moving farther and farther away from the purpose of this work? Does anyone even care? Is everything I do just for approval and Money?

It’s easy to sink into thoughts and questions about the depth of who I am and my story. I think about death and birth and transformation and how many times I’ve done it and how painful it is every time, forgetting the beauty. 

I will say that the part of my job I love the most is that I get to talk to people everyday from all walks of life, and see that more or less we all have the same fundamental problems at the same time. During this full moon which is in earthy Virgo (during watery Pisces season) we ground ourselves in the knowledge of time and earth and her natural movements, and know that we wouldn't be so frustrated or tired if we weren't so strong all the time. Remembering your strength helps you to muster it up to keep going. 

Another thing to remember is the time of year we’re in. According to the witches who follow the Celtic calendar, we are in a period called Imbolc (February 2-March 20.) This time was very sacred to The Ancient Ones and marked the promise of spring during the harshest and most excruciating final days of winter. Back in the day, before heat and electricity, faith and the heart flame was all one had to keep going and so it is during Imbolc that we ignite our creativity and love for the goddess. The deity associated with this time on the wheel is called Brigid, the goddess of the Sun and the creative fire, poetry and crafts, light and renewal.  

The stars, the moon, and the Celtic wheel show us that everything is aligned because Imbolc, celebrating the preparation for the birth of spring and the new, is a time period where we pray to the goddess to cleanse us of the last remnants of fear. I love that the Celts celebrate preparation just as much as they celebrate the arrival of what they're preparing for! It is so cool to honor the coagulation of the cells that are bubbling and percolating beneath the surface of the earth about to bloom. The stuff that is coming up for us now is about how we are creating our destiny so emotions rise because many people and situations have shifted or fallen away in order to step into our greatest potential, which again, is part of the natural rhythm of change and evolution. What's important is that you pause to find your center of peace before the moment you expose yourself to the world anew, like a flower of spring. Because we are in the Picean thrusts of water, baths or long showers are very helpful for cleansing energy. Below you'll find a suggestion of an Imbolc ritual and bath which uses milk (which is the combination of earth and water.) This ritual was designed to harness peace during the sways of change and give back to the earth. 

Imbolc Ritual

Milk of the sheep or the cow is sacred to this time of year because to the Druids lambing season was a symbol that winter was coming to an end. If you are ethically against using any animal products in this ritual, you can use nut milk (nuts come from earth,) but milk straight from the "breast of the beast" is best...the fresher and more full fat and natural the better, but 2% from the refrigerator will do just fine. I invoke the goddess Brigid since she is sacred to this time however you can insert any solar deity from any pantheon that you feel guided to work with. 

Sage yourself and your surroundings. Pour your milk into a beautiful bowl thanking the animal (or plants) who so generously expressed it to nourish you, and place the bowl in your hands. You may float fresh herbs, flowers, strands of grass, or a crystal in the milk as a symbol of spring. Sit comfortably and hold the bowl in both hands at the level of your solar plexus (between your navel and your heart at the center of your ribcage.) Begin to repeat the mantra "Brigid ignite, Brigid exude, Brigid Be with Me, Brigid be in me"  and feel the words vibrate through you. After a while, with any degree of success, you should begin to feel warm currents of energy running through you and see a female form of the goddess appear through rays of blinding light. Visualize white light filling your third eye and traveling down your neck into your heart and solar plexus traveling down your arms and infusing the white milk with white light. Listen and take note of her message. When you feel this is complete your milk should feel slightly warmer and buzzing with the vibration of The Maiden Brigid. Take the bowl outside to a dry piece of earth and pour the milk as an offering to the goddess to thank her for the coming bloom. Reserve some of the milk to bathe in, or pour over your body in the shower (if you don't have a tub) to further purify your body and contemplate your intentions for spring. When you are done exclaim aloud "Blessed Be And So It Is!” 

You may write me anytime with insights or results of this ritual. I love hearing from you!