The addition of molasses and brown sugar turns the water gold!

The addition of molasses and brown sugar turns the water gold!

To the witch the acknowledgement of the circle cross is of paramount importance. The pattern of the universe as we know it, is four fold around a central point: 4 cardinal directions from the center axis of earth, 4 limbs from the center of our bodies, 4 elements (earth, air, fire, water) stemming from spirit, and of course the most obvious and tangible is the display of the four seasons as the earth travels in its ceaseless spin around the sun.

the circle cross

the circle cross

Today we find ourselves at one of these 4 sacred points in the sky: the Autumnal Equinox which is the time when the sun aligns with the earths equator and the sun shines on half of the earth equally. The ancients knew that these times of alignment and the principal of 4 was something to be sure of in times of great uncertainty. It is still true that everything that happens in space effects us here on earth so this event marks a period of balance as the days and the nights are at equal length.

By understanding the principal of the fourth around the fifth, we are understanding compensation, balance and foundation.

This summer was a wild ride for the collective, with 6 planets in retrograde and 3 eclipses a feeling of destruction overcame many of us. Remembering that destruction must happen so that resurrection can occur provides little solace when you're in the thick of it, however the worst is behind us for now and its safe to say we are forever changed for the experience. This feeling of a new direction based on acceptance of the past is harmonious with the sky. The equality of light and dark during the equinox occurs as the sun moves into Libra symbolized by the scales of justice. Everything is now making sense and coming into balance. Everything is connected.

I always feel the equinoxes are a time of understanding. Understanding what got you here, understanding time and movement, understanding your darkness your light and polarizing yourself in the center of both extremes. Just like space effects the earth in this magical four fold pattern, the earth in turn effects us as the four fold nature of the human: emotions, physical body, mind, and will are constantly swirling around the “central sun” that is the soul—our inner light, our truest self.

Here is a small ritual and suggestion of a spritual bath to honor the cycles and bring sweetness into your life.

Equinox Ritual


For this ritual you will need:

A pen


Candle of any size


Brown Sugar

Cinnamon Sticks


Star Anise

On a piece of paper draw a circle and a cross through it. In the center draw a sun. At the top of the cross write the words: above/ future. At the bottom of the cross write: Below/past. At the right most point write Receive and at the left most write Give. (traditionally the left is the receptive side, and the right is the active side but for the purposes of this ritual I flipped them because of the way the sun would illuminate the right and left side of earth)

Take a moment and ponder a list of 4 things at each point. For instance at below/past write down 4 things that are in the past. Next write the opposite word or phrase at the opposite end in the above/future section. Continue this list around. Think of things you of course want for yourself on this journey, but also consider what is happening to the planet and how you can change yourself and mindset in order to help create a better earth.

Love we are able to give and receive simultaneously.

Love we are able to give and receive simultaneously.

When you are finished place your candle over the sun. Light the candle with gratitude and reverence for the sun and all it does for us as we are spinning around its magnanimous power.

Next take a sweet spiritual bath. This means include honey, white or brown sugar, mollasses- you can add cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise in the water. If you do not have a bathtub you may pour honey over you in the shower or make a sugar scrub of the above ingredients. Use whatever you have on hand and use your intuition when creating this sweet bath. This step is important because after the process of pondering your affirmations and intents, as the light of the candle burns down, the emersion into sweet water ensures a sealed agreement between you and the goddess, who governs the vastness of all life beyond the central sun.

Happy Equinox!

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