Incense Recipe for Spiritual Cleansing and Solar Adoration

Incense has been something that I always incorporate into my spiritual practice. Incense in ritual is associated with one of the four cardinal elements Air because of the way the smoke billows in such gorgeous undulating swirls, eventually settling and hovering, enhancing or even perhaps molecularly changing the atmosphere itself. As some of the smoke drifts out the windows and doors, carrying energetic impurities with it, the rest simply dissolves into air. Air is not solid, it is constant and changing and it just is. Air as a concept is something that cannot be explained and must only accepted. To a metaphysician, Air is not taken for granted and it is studied and revered as something holy. Air is ruled by archangel Raphael and the holy guardians of the East: The place of the rising sun and the energy of all those that fly and spread and soar on wind. 

It should be mentioned that the scent of the incense that remains as part of your Air should always be pleasing, for example: certain deities, like Mother Mary or Hecate who I work with a lot and who I love and adore, like the scent of myrrh according to any book you read but guess what! I hate the scent of stale burning myrrh! To me it smells like grandmas attic. Therefore, it is my feeling that my particular spirits don’t like it either. So screw the books and follow your intuition. I think that if there is a scent that I love like rose or lavender then my guides gleefully relish in the scent with me and that’s the best when it feels like I’m dancing with them, encased in their love. Maybe one day I’ll love the scent of myrrh who knows and if I do or feel guided to use it I will. The point is, magick is coming through you as a part of everything else, especially when working with Air, and as such; you should blend with it and it should blend with you.

The thing is that smoke is fleeting and over time, it will inevitably disappear- or to the metaphysician “dissolve” and become apart of Air, so that the air you breathe and live in for that moment is alchemically transmuted.

Here is a recipe I’d like to share that’s pretty easy and only has 4 ingredients (dried rose petals, orange zest, frankinsense, and mugwort) but this combination was so gorgeous and I had so much fun making it that I was guided to share it. This incense is great for bringing in white light, clearing out stagnant and toxic or gross energy with an almost solar masculine influence of adoration because of the orange zest.

You will need:

  1. A large handful or entire contents of a small bag of Frankinsense Resin you would buy at the witch store or botanica.

  2. Orange Zest of one orange sprinkled on top. Zest it properly as if you were baking with a microplane or zester or kitchen type grater. This allows for more even distribution of the oils which you’ll smell when it’s burning. The orange I used when creating this recipe was a particularly overripe one, not yet rotted but past the point of appetizing that I left as an offering to one of my deities. I believe that if you leave living offerings such as flowers or fruits to your deities or ancestors, ask them how you can repurpose them in a creative way!-Many people reading this may not have a connection so strong to their guides yet to where they can “talk” to them, but I say use your imagination and the innocence of a child playing. No ones watching you, in your solitary practice you can build and create whatever you want! You can be clothed or naked jump around like a lunatic, howl at the moon and do whatever you want! Why not who cares thats why you’re a solitary witch!

  3. 3-5 Dried rose petals crushed clockwise in a mortar and pestle  (again I give my goddesses roses of different colors all the time and then hang them upside down to dry when they begin to wither and save them for other magical puroposes as they have been charged by sed goddess.) 

  4. Ashes of 3-5 dried rose petals burned or singed in fire and crushed clockwise in a mortar and pestle. (The reason I’ve added an equal portion of burned and dried rosepetals in the incense is because I’m working with duality of life and death, dark and light and as they are combined there is a perfect middle state achieved. This is mostly symbolic cuz I suppose it all gets burned in the end anyway but its a step that I liked and found fun and also balancing when sitting in the smoke)

  5. 1 teaspoon of Mugwort. (Why mugwort? Because I’ve been working with it for years on and off and I just always fall back in love with it. Mugwort is most known primarily for enhancing psychic powers, but it’s more than that! It helps you to trust in the unseen and helps to creatively visualize the future. Yes for those who have an overactive psychic life, mugwort is good not to bring visions but to integrate them. Mugwort encourages warm and expansive soul qualities and you should burn some. It kinda smells like weed lol but softer. I like it mixed with other things rather than on its own, but to each their own.)


Crush dried and burned rosepetals, and mugwort in a mortar and pestle and grind in clockwise motion with gratitude in every turn. Once worked down and grinned to evenly sized small pieces transfer it to a bowl add the frankincense and orange zest and fold gently in a circular motion seated before your altar with intention and love in every turn of the spoon. Allow yourself to meditate while mixing in the tradition of your ancestors. Mix how they mixed. Be overtaken when mixing, mix with gratitude for every drop of orange oil from the sacred orange, and the sap of the Boswellia tree that formed the frankincense you’re using, remember the black burned roses that transmuted for you, the colored dried ones still ripe with the hope of the goddess. Become overtaken with spirit, with your existence with love! If you feel like singing sing, if you feel like speaking out loud into the mixture do that who cares no ones watching! Get Lost in mixing! This is an important step! Mix for a while, coat every single kernel of frankincense resin and make sure everything is evenly distributed and blessed.

Poor the entire mixture into both your hands, or if you’re making a large batch sink your hands into the mixture and pray. Allow it to mix with your energy with the life force energy of all.

Light a piece of charcoal and watch a vein of light travel all the way across it until its hot. 

Put a heaping spoon full on your tablet and get a good smoke going,

Open all the windows and doors. If you have a pet make eye contact with your familiar and tell him/her to stay close…they will.


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