FULL BLOOD MOON IN AQUARIUS/LUNAR ECLIPSE marks major transformation. This lunar eclipse which will last an astounding hour and 43 minutes, is being bookended by two solar eclipses- one that happened on July 13th and another that will happen on August 11th. This means we are smack dab in the center of a cosmic vortex which will spit us out the other side completely changed. Common sense says that nothing stays the same, but this provides little solace to people who feel like these changes are out of their control. Control or chaos, fair or unfair, you are helpless to the spinning of earth and planets and your outer reality is changing so that your inner world can expand. Your job this moon is to cleanse and purify yourself in order to have grace. Grace is the ability to endure trial with the presence and power of god/spirit/divine consciousness. 

The Energy of the Aquarius Blood Moon, opposed Mars retrograde, with Mercury also moving retrograde may cause rifts and challenges in personal relationships, because when you affirm who you are, other people can get hurt in the crossfire of your ascent. Choose your words, take time and be patient of making sudden movements, don't feel pressured by other peoples opinions and when in doubt be kind. This is a time when other people can be throwing their negative energy on to you, even if they don't mean it or even realize it, just because they're not coping with change as well as you. Remember we're all in the same boat so have compassion, but by all means protect and cleanse.

Below is a cleansing spell that can be used anytime. It will sanctify yourself and your space and allow you to flow with grace. Read the instructions over several times before beginning to make sure everything is prepared and you have mentally rehearsed the steps. 

For this ritual you will need:


Three tea lights


A bowl or basin of water

A white cloth or napkin

Florida Water, Holy Water, or your favorite perfume


1. Sit in the direction facing east. East is the direction you always want to do sacred ceremony and spiritual work as you are in line with the magnetic force of earth.

2. Take a moment and orient yourself in the four directions. You may call the four directions if you are versed in witchcraft or initiated in a particular order, or simply acknowledge and visualize the velvetty feeling of love before you, love behind you, love to your right, love to your left, love above you, love below you and finally, love within you . By doing this you are opening sacred space.

3. Arrange your carnations in a bowl by cutting or gently ripping off the head of the flower away from the stem. Do this with gratitude-I even kiss the stem as I rip it’s bloom away and silently say thank you to the flower for growing and giving me her bloom for this magical working. Gratitude for your tools is the most important step in witchcraft.

4. Begin to rub the wet blossoms over your hands in a circular motion over the water. Carnations are a simple flower that most people pass by, but they are a powerful plant ally used for cleansing negative or stagnant energies. You may close your eyes as you rub the blooms into your hands. When you feel ready, drop them back into your water and rub your hands over your head in a backwards motion, brush your arms and legs as if to cleanse and anoint yourself with the essence of the flower and the water. 

5. Place your tea lights in the water. We use three to symbolize the cycle of the three eclipses and your willingness to surrender to their power. Three is a magical number which corresponds to abundance and power. When two things come together and create a third a miracle takes place. 


6. Light your candles using matches. Place the match in your right hand (masculine/active) and the striking surface in your left (feminine/receptive) bring them both together and strike creating the divine spark (life!) — yet another example of the power of three. Light each candle and dispose of your match. 

7. Take your white cloth and spray or pour some perfume onto the cloth. The fragrance pleases the spirits and ensures their protection and benevolence. 

8. Place the cloth over your head and meditate by either closing your eyes, or you may try an open eyed meditation by gazing at the flames floating amongst the flowers. The point here is not to receive visions but to clear the mind and find peace and balance in your breath and the flow of your body with all things. Your head is covered in white perfumed cloth, symbolizing the silvery mother moon over head, as well as reverence to spirit. Covering your head with this perfumed cloth is also cleansing and protecting your crown chakra which connects you to the astral realms. Energetically we receive more than we realize through the crown, both positive and negative. Visions are a bonus in meditation and if you receive any information be sure to write it down, but again, not the point of this working. 

9. Pull the cloth back over your head. By drawing this perfumed white cloth back over your head you are cleansing and removing any and all attachments and negative energies. You may also brush your arms and body with the cloth and make this cloth your designated cleansing cloth for the next time you feel you need to clear. 

10. When your tea lights have self extinguished you may dispose of the casings and bathe in the water. When you prepare a sacred cleansing bath make sure your bathroom is sparkling clean and smudged with sage, palo santo or cedar. You may burn incense and candles, place crystals around of your choosing in the bathroom to create a beautiful, relaxing and holy environment. If you do not have a bathtub you may pour the water over your head in the shower. 

11. Dispose of the flowers by throwing them in the garbage, or returning them to the earth and saying out loud: “I return these blooms to earth with harm to no one! And so it is!”

12. Sleep in clean fresh sheets and record your dreams. 





Harriet WienComment