Full Moon In Scorpio: Death and Mastering The Principal of Polarity


FULL MOON IN SCORPIO is in my opinion, the most witchy of all the full moons. It gives the night a viscous, sexy, magical, and profound energy that is palpable to all. It’s the kind of moon that makes your toes curl and your spine adjust.
Scorpio moon is about Death* which is a word that sends chills through a lot of people but death is not an ending, it falls in the middle of life, many times over. 

When the moon glows and sends off its thick wafting mists of scorpionic beauty, it indicates a cleansing of the past and the ascent that follows after it. Tonight is a time to transform and become unafraid. 

Death devours everything, and they say that if you die on an exhale it is easier. Resisting it’s call is a disservice and blasphemous. Exhale, let go and die.* 

I designed this spell with the principal of polarity in mind because it fosters this metaphoric death beautifully. This moon was made for magic and transformation..

The Principle of Polarity
"Everything is dual; Everything has poles; Everything has its pair of opposites; Like and unlike are the same; Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; Extremes meet; All truths, are but half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled." – The Kyballion

This is a very interesting principle and law. When you think of opposites, for example, heat and cold you realize they are really the same thing just different degrees. The same could be said of spirit and matter. All pairs of opposites: poverty and wealth, large and small, hard and soft, positive and negative, love and hate are the same thing but different degrees. If you look at a thermometer where does heat end and cold begin? The importance of this law comes in the understanding of one’s ability to transmute and change the vibrations from one extreme to another. This is the study of alchemy. The alchemists of the middle ages were preoccupied in changing base metals into gold which was and is considered to be the purest substance that cannot be improved upon or change further. Molecularly speaking gold is perfection.  Alchemy is a deep and cerebral subject that takes years of study, so even though its associated with sorcery and witchcraft, it's actually the precurser to modern chemistry today. The modern witch, or alchemist takes these principals further and realizes that the real meaning of alchemy comes in the understanding of changing one’s base thoughts and emotions into spiritual gold or soul realized energies.
Hate (base) can be transformed into love (gold). Your lower self (victim) can be transformed into your higher self (master.) And in actual death, your physical body can be transformed into your light body (ascension). Embrace death and become the alchemist. Become the master of your life.

This spell is meant to simulate the principal of polarity in order to foster change and for the best possible outcome in this next chapter ahead, as the old chapter is closed and gets put to death. 

POLARITY SPELL (read over instructions several times before beginning)

  • Sage 
  • A Candle
  • A bowl of Water 
  • Sea Salt
  • Matches
  • Pen and Paper 


  1. Sit facing east and sage yourself and your space.
  2. Prepare to set your altar up before you. The candle representing fire put on your right side (active) and the bowl of water on your left (receptive.) 
  3. Place a match in your right hand (masculine/active side), and the striking surface in your left (feminine/receptive side.) Bring both together and create the divine spark (life!) and light you candle
  4. Ground and center yourself and open sacred space by closing your eyes and feeling and perceiving Love before you, Love behind you, Love to your right love to your left, love above you, love below you love within you. 
  5. Allow yourself to meditate here and yourself to feel completely held and centered under the power of the moon. Personify the moon as a great priest or priestess who holds their hands above you and your objects. Feel this being hover, hover like a mother eagle hovers over her nest of eggs, hover like sky over water. This is a nurturing and benevolent energy. 
  6. When you feel ready open your eyes and cast your circle by sprinkling the salt in a clockwise circle around you and your altar, starting from the east, exclaiming aloud “I now affirm that this circle is open and this working begun”
  7. Grab your pen and paper and write down an emotional fear from the depth of your soul. What is the thing that brings up the tears instantly for you? What is the feeling you want to let go of tonight?  Fold up the note and place it beside the bowl of water. 
  8. Next write down the anger in your heart associated with what you are trying to shed. The thing that brings up the most fiery part of your story, that prevents action, you may scream or grunt while writing this. Become animated with your magick. Place this note folded by your candle.
  9. Take your emotion note and safely burn it in the fire. Next take your anger note and submerge it in the water. 

Sit here and contemplate what you have just done. By sending your emotions to fire you are igniting them and burning them, transforming them with active awareness and passion. By drowning your firey note in the water, you are muting it knowing that all action depends on fluid movement and love. Both elements of your story combine and dissolve into each other. Each one is identical in nature, but different in degree. There is no ending or beginning to the depths of self, than to the highest aspects of your soul.

When your candle has burned down naturally and extinguished on its own your working is done. You may exit and enter the circle in that time as you please from the east. 

When you're done close your circle by sprinkling more salt in a counter clockwise circle of salt over the first one you created at the start, and say aloud “I now affirm that this circle is closed and this working complete! AND SO IT IS!” You may dispose of your spell by throwing the candle wax drippings and water to the earth while exclaiming “I return this spell to earth with harm to no one!” (this just is a step of gratitude and safety that is nice.)

Have sweet dreams and be unafraid. Your bravery pays off. 


*Please do not think I am mentioning death and dying literally. Death is a term, and I in no way am suggesting any self harm in any of these workings. Sending you much love and warmth.




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