Ostara Fertility Spell


Buddhist teachings state anxiety is worry about the future, depression is worry about the past and contentment is simply being in the present. I always teach my clients and students that grounding yourself in the wheel of time is a wonderful way to understand your personal cycles of growth and simultaneously ground yourself in the present. The witch has the ability, with applied practice and focus, to rise above these earthly aspects of life and expand her consciousness — if only for a moment.

Personally, I deal with anxiety, depression and fear like everyone else; anyone who claims they don’t is probably a charlaton. All healers heal because they have been wounded themselves. Relationships of any kind (teacher and student, husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife, mother and child, father and child…) are always a mirror of one’s self. When you see an image of yourself you are not comfortable with, it brings up brokenness and emptiness. Ultimately, everyone just wants to be validated. If we are successful in blessing the thing that broke us, we can be open to the world and all her gifts.  

A very simple and obvious method for staying present is acquainting yourself with time. The four-fold nature of the seasons corresponds to the four-fold nature of the self, the elements and creation. For example:

  • Winter, the time of freezing and frost, represents the element of Earth when things stand still and we halt and introspect. Warmth in Winter comes from within, which is why the holidays are designed to bring cheer during the harshest months.

  • Spring is the time of rebirth, corresponding to Water when the plants bloom, snow melts and we celebrate new beginnings and truth.

  • Summer months, hot with the element of Fire, is the time of bounty: All the seeds planted in Spring bare fruit. In Summer, we celebrate the culmination and penetrating influence of the sun at its zenith.

  • Finally, Autumn, corresponding to the winds of change and the element of Air, represents the time when night takes over once again, and the cycle continues so we celebrate death and being unafraid. 

We stand now after the Spring equinox in a portion of the year called Ostara according to the Celtic calendar. Ostara, named for the goddess Eostre, is a celebration from which the Christian holiday of Easter originated. Rabbits, colored eggs and flowers are all part of the traditional Ostara altar, which celebrates birth and new life as the Winter snow melts and the air becomes freshened with the scent of new grass and flowers.

Tonight’s Full Moon in Libra, whose symbol is the double scales, perfectly accompanies the theme of Ostara and Spring, when the equilibrium of the days and nights are at equal length. Tonight, we observe both darkness and light within ourselves, death and rebirth and all the other polarities that come to mind (love and hate, poverty and wealth, sex and chastity and so on.)

Frustrations come up concerning the need for things to culminate now, but remember that like the buds of Spring, you are at the beginning.

Since the Sun is currently in Aries, there’s a feeling like we want to press fast-forward. Often we forget you need to settle into being a beginner. It’s a period of time that moves really fast. If you’ve ever had a pet, you know a puppy or kitten is so fun and often times challenging; the phase goes so fast and then you find yourself missing how cute they were when they could fit in the palm of your hand. It’s easier said than done to remember the beginning is a period of time that’s bright with unlimited potential in front of you. The planetary aspects suggest there is a lot of processing being done, as part of the journey of the beginner is the state of being wrought with uncertainty, which bring up fears and feelings of futility and emptiness. Do not get frustrated. Where you are and what you are building is the right thing. This Moon, take your time and listen to your fears as something outside of you in this experience. If you can compartmentalize the fear voice (the one that tells you that you're never going to make it, you're never going to be validated or loved and everything you’re working on is for nothing) from who you really are in the present, you will be doing your work. 

Here is a suggested Ostara spell to do during the full moon or four days after, to bring balance, harmony and bounty. 

Fertility Spell 

Read through the instructions several times before beginning. 

For this spell you will need:

  • sage

  • a tarot deck

  • three candles

  • some flowers (flowers that correspond to the season are best, we are in spring so I used cherry blossoms and daffodils)

  • honey

  • salt


1. Begin this working by making sure you are in a particularly good mood and feeling powerful (it’s never a good idea to do any magic from a state of depression or lack because you get back whatever energy you give.) Use the sage to clear your space. Make sure you feel relaxed, play some music you love, drink a cup of tea or whatever you need to do to feel centered and relaxed. 


2. Next call in the four directions however you wish, here are my suggestions:

You can close your eyes and acknowledge love before you, love behind you, love to your right, love to your left, love above you, love below you and love within you.

or you can properly call the four directions-

Stand facing east and say aloud: Hail to the powers of the east and the place of the rising sun. I call forth the winged ones, the eagle and hawk. I call forth Archangel Raphael, Thoth -I honor you and Thank you for coming into this working

Turn south and exclaim aloud: Hail to the powers of the south where the sun is at its zenith. I call forth Archangel Michael, Sekhmet, Brigid and all who work with the fires of life. I call forth leopard and jaguar please give passion to my every deed. I honor you and I thank you for coming into this working

Face West and say: Hail to the powers of the west. I call forth the water elementals: the mermaids and the undines. I call forth Archangel Gabriel, Mother Yemaya, Oshun, Quan Yin, Mary and all the goddesses of compassion please come into this circle so that I may know kindness and mercy. I call forth Mother Whale, and Bear bringer of dreams. I honor you and I thank you for coming into this working. 

Face North and say: Hail to the powers of the north! I call forth the ancestors and the keepers of wisdom. I call forth Archangel Uriel, Hanuman, Pachamama, White Buffalo Woman, Chief Seattle, I ask that you come into this circle with gratitude for your warmth and wisdom and nourishment of life. I honor you and I thank you for coming into this working. 

3. Shuffle your deck and pull three tarot cards, the first ( card 1) symbolizing the foundation where you are coming from , the second (card 2) to describe your highest potential from where you are now and (card 3) to describe the future and the blessings that come from card 2. If you're not well-versed in the language of the tarot don’t worry, it’s not important to know or look up the meanings of the cards (in fact if you can resist the temptation to look them up i’d prefer it -online or leaflet interpretations are subjective,) any insights you glean from looking at the images is enough. Using the cards in this ritual avoids superficial intentions as the oracle only brings forth truth.

A quick note about tarot: If you get an “undesirable” card, do not panic. First notice your reaction and check if you followed step 1- feeling good. If your reaction is one of fear just acknowledge where this fear is coming from, you may learn something. There is no such thing as a “bad” card in the tarot. Each signifies an archetype and the more challenging cards provide the greatest lessons. In order to do the great work you must accept your journey at any point. All you have to do is notice the images in the cards. Colors or symbols that jump out at you will tell you what you need to know. Trust that spirit knows best and is showing you the way in perfect harmony for your particular journey. You can always contact me anytime with questions about your spell and I will get back to you in time.

4. Build your altar facing east (the direction of the rising sun) creating an upward facing triangle with your cards placing card 1 at the bottom left corner of the triangle, Card 2 at the top and Card 3 at the bottom right. Place your candles in their holders above each card.

Three is the number of fertility- think two things come together to create a third. Three is the 'bursting forth' principle. 

In the center arrange your flowers as an offering to the goddess, with the thought of gratitude for the sacred and magical plants of earth that are assisting you in this working. You can get creative and add any crystals or objects you feel guided to use to decorate the inside of the triangle. The more beautiful you make this the better! (see image)



5. Cast your circle by sprinkling the salt in a clockwise circle around the triangle exclaiming aloud “I now affirm that this circle is open and this working begun”

6. Sit before the altar you have created, and contemplate your cards and your intent of fertility. What bounty do you want to gain that is being birthed forth now and why? I like to light my candles with matches because there is nice symbolism there. Place the match in your right hand (masculine/active side), and the striking surface in your left (feminine/receptive side.) Bring both together and create the divine spark (life!) Light your candle in the order of your cards (1,2,3) and exclaim aloud “AND SO IT IS!” This affirms that your magical working is sent up to the heavens and you release it to spirit, it is what it is, so it is! 


7. Drizzle the honey over flowers. It will bring sweetness into your life and attract your bounty like bees to honey!

8. When the candles have burned out naturally, the spell is complete! Close your circle by sprinkling more salt in a counter clockwise circle around the triangle on top of the existing circle of salt you created at the start, and say aloud “I now affirm that this circle is closed and this working complete! AND SO IT IS!” You may dispose of your spell by throwing the candle wax drippings and flowers (when they have naturally died) in the garbage or burying them in the earth while exclaiming “I return this spell to earth with harm to no one!” (this just is a step of gratitude and safety that is nice.)


Please write me with insights and results of your spell. I am here to answer any questions. 


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