Planting of Seeds New Moon Ritual



The moon is very powerful to Witches because it governs the waters which is something we often take for granted as a huge part of ourselves and the world. The adult human is made up of 60% water (with our hearts and it’s surrounding organs holding the most) and the earth itself is over 70% water which is why people often feel so stirred and swayed by the moon. Sensitive people who have experienced a lot of trauma need to keep a connection to the deep work so they don't fall into emptiness, and since the beginning of time the moon and her cycles have provided this service. The New moon marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of the next, so it makes sense within our own lives to let go and plant new seeds. Because we are in Pisces which is a water sign, this time is doubly aqueous and fluid, allowing our intentions to flow upward from the depths while cleansing the subconscious. Be thoughtful and be careful what you wish for tonight.

It's important that your intention is clear and not superficial or coming from lack. For optimal results of any spell or ritual, you must sufficiently develop the projection of what you want and what is right for you presently, today in your growth. 

Are you holding your vision of success based on what other people have?

The power within you is specific, like every star in the sky is unique and brilliant even if it they're all made up of the same gasses and molecules. Think about your favorite teacher. The knowledge he or she taught you was passed down from books and other teachers, and can probably be traced back hundreds of years. The information is all the same but it felt so transformational because it was through his/her lens that the wisdom came out which created a lasting impression. And so it is with magic- it comes from the same fundamental place but only when it is running through the unique and radiant channel of you, can it nourish you and the world.


New Moon Planting of Seeds Ritual 

This ritual is a meditation coupled with the planting of actual seeds because historically March is the best time to plant. Read it through a few times before beginning. 

For this ritual you will need seeds of your choice (vegetable, herb or flower- I encourage you to google the metaphysical attributions of the seed you choose, but don't overthink it and use your intuition.) a shovel, a journal and a pen. 

Sit before your altar or in a quiet private space, close your eyes and slow down your breath. Ground yourself by visualizing roots growing from the base of your spine and the bottoms of your feet traveling down through the layers of earth. Once your roots have met the crystal core of the earth, inhale and draw your breath up the roots - up to the level of your heart center and exhale in every direction as love. Perceive the directions around you by feeling love before you, love behind you, love to your right, love to your left, love above you, love below you and love within you. By doing this you are opening sacred space. 



In your minds eye, see an upside down triangle and trace your breath from the bottom point up the left side of the triangle for four counts, hold your breath for four counts as your mind travels across the top, and exhale down the left side of the triangle for four counts back to the bottom point. Continue this sacred breath four to 10 times. This upside down triangle is the alchemical symbol for water and by breathing in this way you are meditating on the principle of water so emotions and reasons for being from the depths of your soul should rise to the surface (quick tip: trying this breath just before drifting off to sleep will help you with dream work) What are your beliefs about yourself that you are ready to let go of today? How can you nurture the mourning of the loss of these beliefs?

When I performed this ritual I met a child version of myself. She was suffering. I asked her what she needed and she said "hold me" and I did. After a while her suffering began to subside as she felt more comfortable in my arms and I asked her what seed she wanted me to plant and she told me she feels so judged and when I judge others I am judging her too. She told me not to look through other peoples windows and please spread love. - and so this is my New Moon Intention. What is yours?

When you are ready open your eyes and journal anything that comes up for you. If tears come up let them flow, if anger rises, scream it out, whatever your body wants to do, do it. Working with this breath and processing whatever you are letting go of from a deep place, should bring your new moon intention into clarity. Only by walking towards darkness can we truly reach the light. Once you are clear on your intention based solely on what you receive from this meditation, can you continue with the ritual planting. Open your packet of seeds and pour them in your left hand and hold them up to your heart center and cover with your right hand allowing your eyes to close again. Begin to perceive your cells and the cells of these seeds buzzing and merging and expanding and filling with light. Feel the gentle tingling sensation in your hands as these seeds are being consecrated with your unique energy. Go outside and plant them (or in a pot of soil at home is fine.) As these seeds activate within the earth, charged with your cellular energy, so shall your intention bloom and flourish. After the seeds are planted say aloud “AND SO IT IS.” 

Ground yourelf again and close your sacred space by acknowledging love before you, love behind you, love to your right, love to your left, love above you, love below you and love within you.

Harriet WienComment