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About Harriet

Harriet is a skilled clairvoyant, tarot reader, energy healer and White Witch. Her spiritual path began in early childhood as Harriet began to experience visions and profound insights into the nature of consciousness. A long road of change and transformation eventually led her to Los Angeles and back to New York where she lives out her purpose of being in service. To attune to her sessions, Harriet performs ritual magic to raise her vibration and create clear sacred space. 

More than a natural luminous body illuminating the sky, the Star holds deep meaning for Harriet and her work. Every Star is sparkling, unique and most vitally, a force of light that can’t be diminished by darkness. As an empath, she believes and works only in 100% pure white light frequency, which breeds a warm and loving environment for her clients as she makes direct contact with their guardian angels and guides. Clients leave a session with Harriet smiling and feeling uplifted, enlightened, inspired and aligned.