Harriet’s Philosophy

I believe the same abundance candle or spell can work for anyone, but it is more effective if it is mindfully tailored to you. In sharing these products, my intention is to allow you, the client, to find and harness your power, open up and become a channel, cease being victim to circumstances and start being the creator of your future. These products are not about me at all; they are about you. I want to empower people to understand and appreciate their own magick within. The very act and experience of being alive is magical and inexplicable. When we channel that magick within – which we all have – our existence is heightened and amplified. My magick is customized because you are customized. As no two humans, snowflakes or crystals are the same, you are unique and sacred. So should be your magick. I do not lay any claim or guarantee of outcomes, however I am here as a support if you have questions. There are no refunds for spellwork. I also do not participate in spells that cause harm or manipulate others in some way without their consent. Creating your Spell for you to do at home takes a lot of energy as each element from incense to candle to stone is hand picked and prepared just for you. Spellwork depends on divine timing so please be patient and trusting that you will receive your package exactly when you need it.